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Connectors & Cable Assemblies-Report Overview

origin:Global Sources

    China suppliers of connectors and cable assemblies are boosting production to meet rising overseas demand, which is fueled by recovering economies and widening applications. By the end of 2010, they look forward to a more than 10 percent YoY increase in export revenue, and expect the trend to carry over to 2011.

    The A/V and computer product sectors continue to lead, thanks to the broadening adoption of HDMI and DisplayPort amid climbing shipments of products supporting both standards. Categories in the telecom and networking segments follow, driven by 3G and FTTx broadband developments.

    Interconnect makers are also taking advantage of new opportunities in the automotive and medical equipment, and industrial instrument fields. At the same time, companies continue to bolster presence in their traditionally strong markets such as consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, and telecom and data communication.

    This report covers HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, RF, coaxial, DVI, VGA, SATA, eSATA, SCSI, DIN, RCA, SCART and RJ-45 connectors and cable assemblies manufactured in China. Fiber-optic patch cords and PCB connectors are featured as well.

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